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ON EARTH. 1v1.
Who’s the World’s Fastest Man? World’s Strongest Woman? World’s Fastest Swimmer, etc? World 1 is the new home of the Undisputed Greatest Athletes on Earth — today — not every 4 years.
Three World 1 Champions with World 1 Undisputed Greatest Belts over their shoulders.
“1v1” IS THE
How to determine the World’s Greatest Athletes in a new generation of always-on social media, fans & athletes? Face ’em off — 1v1. Olympics, meet UFC — that’s World 1.
World 1 outdoor billboard promoting 1v1 battles.
Gladiator athletes and the new, must-watch moments in pro sports history. From the built-in drama of head-to-head, to the walkouts, to the completely reimagined staging — welcome to World 1’s numbered 1v1 battles.
2 sprinters lined up for a 1v1 race on World 1's 100m drag strip.
Anytime. Anywhere. The “Rematch.” The “Trilogy.” The Revenge. This ain’t your every-4-year Olympics.
World 1 Undisputed Greatest championship belt.
Entire 1v1 battles — just minutes long. World 1 is built to stream where everyone is watching — short-form social video: TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, X ...
World 1 events shown as short-format videos on 3 different mobile phones. Shown are speed climbing, 100 meter dash and weightlifting.
A NEW 1v1
1v1 will take over the world ... and social media. From Pro, to College, to Under 18, who will be the next Greatest Athletes? 1v1 battles in dozens of individual sports. #1v1me
World 1 Rankings showing 3 new 1v1 divisions: World 1 Pro, World 1 College and World 1 Under 18.
The jersey you wear. The sport you live for. The athlete you aspire to be.
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World 1 merch storefront pictured on a laptop.
One of the most respected, diverse and decorated founding groups in sports.
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